The 7 Best Foreplay Tips to Warm Up and Get Hot

Foreplay Tips: 7 Best to Warm Up and Get Hot

Let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room: sex has gotten boring (or maybe just infrequent) and you need a refresher on foreplay tips.

See, that wasn’t so bad! Plus, refocusing on foreplay improves your emotional well-being too.

Women’s sexual health expert, Dr. Jennifer R. Berman, notes that regular foreplay helps maintain overall intimacy, both physical and mental.

This is why foreplay is an important conversation that you and your partner should have together. It’s much easier to recharge your sex life when you’re both on the same page.

And that’s exactly why the first of my foreplay tips is to speak up!

So let’s discuss more on how communication improves foreplay, plus six more tips you have to try:

7. Ask What Your Partner Wants

Don’t be bashful. Ask your partner what they want sexually. Before sex, you should also know what your partner doesn’t want. Don’t be afraid to ask the following:

  • Preferred sexual positions?
  • Any preferred sex toys, fetishes, or erotic stories?
  • Porn or no porn? If yes, which genre?
  • Do they like fooling around in certain places, like the beach?
  • Favorite body parts they like tickled or touched?

Not having these conversations will leave you both in the dark feeling unsatisfied.

Plus, if you learn that your partner enjoys talking dirty, you can also incorporate these questions in a sexy, flirty way to get your partner hot before bed.

In fact, your partner will thank you for it. Cornell University psychologist, Barbara Bartlick, notes that women prefer partners who show concern for their sexual satisfaction. When your partner sees you putting in the effort, it will inspire them to do the same.

So don’t hold back. Speak up!

6. Find Those hidden pleasure spots!

the-art-of-foreplayForeplay should be a sensory experience.

Your body is full of nerves, but what you really want is sexual arousal.

Chances are, you’re not taking advantage of some amazing areas of the body. So let’s break down what you’re missing:

  • Around the mouth: Kissing is one thing, but gently tracing the line above and around your partner’s lips is sexy as hell. Use strawberries or ice cubes to enhance the sensory experience of it all.
  • Collarbone area: The skin between your collarbone and neck is actually quite thin, so it’s even more sensitive than most areas. Enhance the experience by tracing the curve of the collarbone with your fingers, ice cube, or heat.
  • Torso sides: Between your rib cage and hips lies an amazing nerve perfect for foreplay. In fact, this nerve is a direct shot to the penis and clitoris. Caressing this part of the body stimulates a natural, arousing reflex action.
  • Lower Back: Another nerve-packed area is the lower back. This area is ideal for sensual massages before sex.
  • Inner thigh: Did you know one of your most intense nerves lies in your inner thigh? That’s your ilioinguinal nerve, and boy is it sensitive! Gently kiss and stroke the area. But be careful, it can get ticklish there.

5. The Sensual Massage

Just now, you learned about some secret sexy spots on your partner’s body. So, put that knowledge to good use with an arousing massage.

sensual massage before sex hits on exactly what Dr. Berman said, showing your partner you care about their sexual satisfaction.

Now, be careful. There are different types of massage, and the last thing you want is your partner to fall asleep on you.

Take note of these quick tips for a sensual massage:

Avoiding giving a massage right after your partner gets home from work. They may already be tired, and any massage might put them to sleep.

Use light touches and gentle strokes on those sensitive areas mentioned above.

Alternate between massaging and lightly kissing your partner on the back of their neck, inner thigh, and lower back.

Use minimal oils. Too much can start to feel gross and prevent you from stimulating areas completely.

4. How Long Should You Perform Your Foreplay Tips?

Generally, women take longer to get aroused than men, so even extending your foreplay by 10 minutes can make a huge difference.

However, you don’t want to engage in foreplay for too long. Falling asleep before sex is not a good look, so try to keep your foreplay to under 30 minutes.

Moreover, don’t concentrate your energy on the same technique. That could make you unnecessarily sore before sex.

Plus, it’s good to mix it up a bit. Concentrating on the same move can get boring.

3. Classic Make Out Sessions

Okay, making out is an obvious foreplay move. But it works!

Making out is intimate, passionate, and stimulating.

Passionate make out sessions can quickly progress into grinding with your clothes on. And who doesn’t love that?

It’s a great way to reignite that spark you felt at the very beginning of your relationship.

2. Not too Gentle and Not too Aggressive

Great sex is a fluid experience. Your techniques and intent should feel as natural as possible.

That’s why your foreplay should be a mix of naughty and nice.

On one hand, you need to be assertive and show your partner you want them. But you don’t want to come off too strong.

Try to keep your foreplay as fluid as possible, and alternate between light touching and heavy petting.

Remember: You want to project passion, not aggression.

Try incorporating one of your favorite erotic stories to inspire some carnal passion.

1. Be Comfortable in Your Skin

Not a single foreplay tip will work unless you’re comfortable in your own skin. That’s a fact.

That’s why the #1 spot on our foreplay tips list is to be comfortable with yourself.

Understand that your partner wants you for you, so don’t be afraid to rip off those clothes and get naked!

This will help you loosen those inhibitions so you can pleasure your partner the way they want, and more frequently.

Moreover, insecurities create barriers to healthy communication, intimacy, and ultimately, your sex life.

Think of how this could affect your partner. In fact, feeling so uncomfortable in your own skin can make your partner feel unwanted.

Foreplay is your chance to warm up your partner for a great night of sex. Remember to be comfortable with yourself and take these foreplay tips on board to recharge that passion between the sheets.

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