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August Author of the Month: Robert Gibson

by Robert Gibson

Hi Everyone! I am so excited about our August Author of the Month! Let me introduce you all to the author of the hot, erotica read Make It Raine! He comes to us all the way from the island of Barbados and he is not new to the world of literature. Known on the island as PassionPoet, he seduces you with his words through poetry and novels. His passion for words will set your heart on fire and draw you in to his world…EroticEmpire. I had a chance to ask him a few questions and get some insight into what drives him and what inspires him. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Robert Gibson!!

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Author Bio

Robert R. Gibson is a Barbadian writer that enjoys painting sensual images with his words.  Although sensuality is his main forte, in his own words he says, “Passion is not always about sex.”  Passion is anger, sorrow, enthusiasm – his poems are written to evoke intensity.  He has published four anthologies of sensual and romantic poetry: EROTIC, OFFERING, SEDUCTION and QUOTES OF PASSION, which are all available on Amazon.

In 2011, Robert entered the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA), the national arts festival of his native Barbados with three poems – Luscious, Rain, and Goblet.  All three of the poems achieved awards – Luscious received a silver award, and Goblet and Rain received bronze awards.  He also received the Most Promising Poet award for the year.

In 2012, Robert entered NIFCA again and his poem Tribute received a bronze award and yet again in 2016, receiving a bronze for his piece Naniki: Frank Collymore Hall 2016.

His poetry has been published in the National Cultural Foundation’s (NCF) Winning Words anthology in Barbados, the Caribbean Writer and the online St. Somewhere Journal E-zine.[/page_section]

The Interview

When did you realize that writing was your passion?

I guess I always loved words. From as far back as I can remember I was reading. I wrote stories when I was in primary school (we don’t have grades like you do in the States – say about ages 10-11) and when I switched to secondary school (starting at age 11, going to about 16-18) I continued writing. I even skipped P.E. one class because I was writing a story and didn’t want to finish. I started writing poetry at age 14 and never looked back.

Do you find writing poetry is easier than writing a book?

Poetry is easier than writing a book because I am taking one single emotion and snapshotting it in words. Writing a book is so much more complex – there are characters, story lines, continuity concerns, making sure everything makes sense. Writing a poem flows out of me when I’m immersed in the particular emotion: almost like it writes itself.  Now, there are times when my characters talk to me and I feel their emotions, so writing a story (which grows to a whole book) has elements of that ‘automatic writing’ style, but writing a poem is definitely easier!

Living in Barbados, are you easily inspired by your culture and the exotic nature of the island?

It isn’t ‘exotic’ to me; it’s just home. I’m inspired by the things around me and the emotions I feel, so I guess the answer is yes.  I wrote a poem once (which got national awards) from the joy I felt eating what is essentially a ham sandwich!

What do you do when you’re not writing?

I am a database administrator in my day job. I also perform my poetry as spoken word artist PassionPoet at open mics and have recently been asked to perform more often.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Local authors: T.K. Toppin (sci-fi), Deborah ‘Mariposa’ McCollin (poetry); internationally: Nadine Marie Catalano (erotica); Michael Hicks (sci-fi), Cynthia Sax (erotica, sci fi) R Marlaan Rush (erotica); Tam Avery (poetry); Jenavia Powell (poetry)

Are your characters and their stories based on actual events?

No, the stories are fictional, as are the characters. That being said, in this book I went with the philosophy, ‘write what you know.’ Therefore, I wrote from my own fantasies and some events are slightly influenced by my own life. This is the case especially because Make It Raine is based in my home country of Barbados.

Your writing is so real and so raw, how have readers reacted to your stories and poetry?

Well first of all, thank you very much! The poetry has gotten intense reactions when performed or read. I have been told that people have had some of my books for years without actually finishing the anthology because they have to read a couple poems at a time and then put the book down.  I have had online interviews (using BlogTalk Radio) where I have Skyped into a conference call and talked about my work. I have on more than one occasion had the interviewer out of breath because they were aroused while I was reading.

When I am performing my poetry on stage, I get similar responses. People are a little more reserved when they are being watched so I have yet to experience a female fan being overtly sexual or displaying her arousal blatantly, but I have seen subtle clues.

The novel has recently come out and I have gotten very good reviews and the sex scenes in the novel have had the same responses by readers as the audiences have had to my poetry.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

I would say, “Keep going! You are on the right path! Don’t sell yourself short!”

Have you ever been to the U.S.?

I have been to the US a couple of times, as family lives in the US, but I have not been for a while – my visa has expired and I will need to get it renewed to return.

How often do you have poetry readings?

I attend open mics often, but in terms of my own shows, I have only done one a couple months ago. It was well received and so I will plan another to get more people interested in my work.

What are you hoping your readers will feel after reading your work?

Oh, that’s easy: like f*king! LOL That’s not exactly all I want them to feel. All jokes aside, I want women to feel loved, appreciated, seduced, completely adored. I want them to recognize themselves as sexual beings and to be able to be comfortable in that space, to not be ashamed of that space. I want women to recognized that I am an acolyte in the Temple of Divine Femininity and they are my Priestesses, that sex and love are not negative and that sexuality and spirituality are inextricably linked, and it’s okay.

Finally, what do you want your readers to know personally about you and what would you like to share with them?

What do I want readers to know about me? I am a devoted father of two boys, who are 10 and 12 at the moment. That I love jazz and cooking, and that writing poetry and writing computer programming code touch the same creative spark in my inner core. I want people to know that I love women and words (not always in that order!) and I am a stickler for punctuation – which is what makes me such a great editor!  I love to talk, to laugh and I flirt mercilessly…that I have parts of all my characters in me, but I don’t treat women how Raine treats them in the novel! (Read it to find out what I’m talking about!) I want them to know that I live by two words: Live Passionately, and I am PASSION (short for PassionPoet) in my head!

[page_section image=’’ textstyle=’light’ position=’default’ img_static=’on’]Information about Roberts brand can be found on Facebook The EroticEmpire

As the spoken word artist PassionPoet, Robert tantalizes his audience with the power of his poetry married to his baritone voice. Poetry is to be experienced, and PassionPoet brings the intensity of the erotic to his performances.

He is a prolific writer, uploading poems to his blog at  His work can also be seen on his FB fan page PassionPoet at  He also has a SoundCloud page where he has recorded some of his work, at [/page_section]

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