Betrayal: Infidelity Book 1Betrayal (Infidelity, #1) by Aleatha Romig
Series: Infidelity #1
on January 1st 1970
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Alexandria Charles Montague Collins is off to Del Mar with her BFF for one week of carefree living. She is determined to have some fun and not think about being summoned to come home to Savannah, Ga for a family meeting.

While in Del Mar she meets a sexy stranger, who wants to take her out. Because she is reinventing herself and be the opposite of who she is, she tells him her name is Charli. Not exactly a lie, but, not exactly the truth.

Lennox “Nox” Demetri, a dominant male who is over protective and gets what he wants. He is captivated by Charlie… her long auburn hair, her long shapely legs, her smell, and he must have a taste.

They agree to one week of first names only, lust filled, mind blowing sex. It doesn’t happen right away, but, when it does, it is explosive. They can’t keep their hands off each other. Their week is over and they go their separate ways. Oh, but, fate has a way of stepping in…

The Good:
I was enthralled with this read from the start. The narrators brought such life to these characters that I could envision the characters as they were reading.
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The Bad:
To say that I despise Alexandria’s family is an understatement! These people are ruthless, cunning, and deceitful.
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The Ugly:
Alexandria’s step-father made this story ugly for me. I literally wanted to kill him. He is just awful!
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Worth the Read?
This was an emotional ride for me. I cussed and fussed throughout the listening of this read. I love when a book grabs me and draws me into the story…. this one had me wanting to defend Alexandria, shake some sense into her mother, and torture her step-father. I am very taken with Nox and how mysterious he is. I must wonder why he had so many secrets and why he was adamant about not questioning each other’s past. I am very interested to listen to the next book in this series. Solid 5 Stars!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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