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Bishop: Arizona Vengeance #1Bishop: An Arizona Vengeance Novel by Sawyer Bennett
on August 14, 2018
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Brooke Perron decided to have a one night stand. She threw caution to the wind and said yes to the sexiest man she’s ever seen. After a night of mind blowing sex, she knows she’ll never see him again. She has taken a job with the Arizona Vengeance Organization where her Father has been selected to be the Head Coach. As she’s getting settled into her office, a blast from her recent past breezes in and things get interesting when Daddy walks in and finds them in a very compromising position.

Bishop Scott is looking for a new start. Part of that new start is transferring to the new expansion NHL team, the Arizona Vengeance. He decides to go out and hit the town and encounters a gorgeous woman who is looking for the same thing he is…no strings attached sex. What he didn’t count on was seeing the same woman when he goes to the Vengeance facility. Remembering what they shared gets them both hot and bothered….then boom, she’s introducing him as her Fiancé!

The Good:
This was a fun and sexy read! I enjoyed their chemistry and how they had to pretend that they were engaged. Brooke’s Father was hilarious in his dealings with Bishop in the true fashion of a Dad who is protective of his Daughter.

The Bad:
Ok, I love everything that Sawyer Bennett writes, however, I did not like the way this ended. I felt like I needed more of a bang at the end. Especially with the craziness of Brooke’s friend and the way Brooke ran off after the shit hit the fan.

The Ugly:
A friend who is jealous that makes trouble for someone who’s helping her sucks and on top of that, she lies and tries to ruin lives while she’s on her own destructive path.

Worth the Read?
As always, Sawyer Bennett spins a tale of drama, comedy, and sexiness. This spin off of the Carolina Fury Series is just as addictive and leaves you wanting to go to hockey games just to ogle the players.  Each story is different, each player has their own unique story. You will fall in love with her band of Alpha Hockey Players. Bishop and Brooke are a match made in heaven and when he figures out he’s in love, your heart will melt. I highly recommend this new series. You won’t be disappointed. Solid 4 ½ Star Read!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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