Blood Awakening: Blood Curse Book 2Blood Awakening by Tessa Dawn
Published by Ghost Pines Publishing, LLC on July 15, 2011
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Ciopori is an original Celestial woman from the old country. She was awakened from a deep slumber that kept her protected from enemies of the House of Jadon. Centuries have passed, but, she feels a connection to the warrior that she finds kneeling in the valley. She is drawn to him and she doesn’t know why.

She remembers vivid dreams of a man that haunted her. She craved him, and she’s never felt a connection so sweet and so decadent. Little does she know that she is destined to be the mate of an ancient warrior who resigned himself to a life of being alone without his one true love.

Marquis Silivasi is the oldest of his brothers … the ancient vampire warriors from the House of Jadon. He is the sworn protector of his brothers and being the oldest, he feels responsible for his family.

When the Dark Ones use dark magic to switch his Destiny, all hell breaks loose and sets into motion a series of cluster fucks that has Marquis questioning the Gods. He is angry, but, he is a man of honor and he will do what he must to keep peace amongst his people.

The Good:
I loved Marquis’s story! Very suspenseful and full of twists and turns that made this an awesome read!
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The Bad:
There was nothing bad about this story. It was amazing.
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The Ugly:
Once again the Dark Ones are pure evil, and they were even more ruthless in this read.
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Worth the Read?
This was by far one of the best vampire reads I’ve ever read. It had action, drama, love, and suspense. The love between Marquis and Ciopori was so tangible and when they were near each other, it was pure magic. So, damn hot and forbidden.

It was electric and unforgiving. Marquis was tortured with thoughts of her while trying to stay true to whom the Gods apparently chose as his Destiny …an ornery, juvenile acting, whiny, irritating woman. Although he is abrasive, he is vulnerable.

My heart ached for him. Being with someone that you have no feelings for can be hard, but, imagine being forced to love someone that you think of as a sister. This was immensely enjoyable and an EBR Must Read! Solid 5 Stars!

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