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Blood Web: Blood Curse #10Blood Web: A Blood Curse Novel by Tessa Dawn
on August 12, 2018
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Natalia Giovanni is young, smart, and gorgeous. She is her father’s only daughter and she is somewhat his prisoner. Unable to live a normal life, she uses cyberspace to alleviate the monotony of her life. She stumbles across a picture of a man and is so intrigued that she starts to chat with him. Hacking into his computer, she unknowingly spins a web that she has no way out of. She didn’t expect a response when she reached out to him and when she does it scares her out of her mind. She can’t break free once she has piqued the interest of the dark stranger. She has awakened the beast and he is coming to claim her.

Santos Olaru, a vampire warrior and protector of the House of Jadon. He uses his skills in technology to make sure humans live their lives oblivious to the vampire world. Natalia hacks into his computer and he decides to play her game. Her father is a crime lord that preys on young girls and women, selling them to the highest bidder. Natalia is a prisoner in her own home and little does she know, she has poked the wasps nest and Santos is not one to let go of this nosy little hacker….not when his constellation shines true and destiny is inevitable.

The Good:
In true Tessa Dawn fashion, Blood Web pulled me in and refused to let go. I listened to this read in less than 2 days because I could not stop listening. Full of drama, suspense, hot as hell sex, and vampires that make your heart race, make this read an adventure that everyone should go on.
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The Bad:
Human trafficking is a hard pill to swallow and it’s hard to read about it, even in a book. It is inhumane and sick.
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The Ugly:
The Dark Ones! Unforgiving, cold hearted, nasty to the bone, and they don’t care about anyone or anything. If they existed in real life, I would live far away from Dark Moon Vale!
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Worth the Read?
I can’t say which of the 10 books in this series is my favorite, but, this one is very close. Tessa has a way of making her stories seem real. The history, the curse, the characters, and even the violence makes your heart beat faster. Each character is unique and each of their race to fulfill the requirements of the curse is a magnificent adventure.

I loved how Santos showed Natalia how he became who is and I loved her bravery and acceptance. His love for her was tangible and delightful. Her stubbornness was adorable and was not the least bit annoying. These two are pure magic together. How can love be born out of darkness? How can you live with knowing your own father is pure evil? How do you survive at the hands of a monster? This is an EBR Must Read!  Solid 5 Star Read!!

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