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Cover Reveal: Changing Caleb by Nicole Dykes and J. L. Leslie

by J. L. Leslie, Nicole Dykes
Published by Amazon Digital Services LLC


Here is the OFFICIAL COVER REVEAL FOR Changing Caleb (Hearts of Hollis: Book Three) by Nicole Dykes & J.L. Leslie!

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I left Hollis, my hometown and the only place I’ve ever known. She was everywhere. Driving me insane. Getting under my skin. I ruined what we had and I needed to move on. She already has.

Los Angeles made me realize Casey was never good for me to begin with. We brought each other so much pain. Too much destruction. It wasn’t passion. What we had wasn’t love. It was something different.

I was happy when he left. Caleb should have stayed gone. I was moving on and becoming a new person without him. Growing up. Only he didn’t stay gone.

He came back and now he’s pretending to be someone else. Says he’s a better man without me. That all the years we spent together were a waste. How can he say that? I don’t even recognize this man he’s become.

**Changing Caleb is book three in the Hearts of Hollis series co-written by Nicole Dykes and J.L. Leslie. It is written as a stand-alone novel. It is not necessary to read books one and two in this series, but does include characters from these novels. It contains adult content, language, and sexual situations. It is intended for mature readers only.**

Cover by V Designs (Veronique Poirier)

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