Crossroads: Wind Dragons MC Book 6Crossroads (Wind Dragons MC, #6) by Chantal Fernando
Series: Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club #6
Published by Gallery Books on March 14th 2017
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Johanna Chase aka Jo is a police officer on a mission to find her missing Cousin. Her cousin, Elizabeth was taken without a trace. She has some clues, but, needs help. She gets help from an unlikely source. As a police officer, bikers are a sworn enemy. You don’t talk to them, let alone work with them. This guy is not like the others, this MC club is not like the others. How is she able to trust someone who by default has a reputation as a bad guy?

Cameron aka Ranger has a chance to start a new life and walk away from the Wind Dragons. He has always felt out of place amongst the men and their women. He doesn’t have a mate and has been feeling out of sorts lately. Faye (Sin’s Mate) asks him to do her a solid and work with the police to find a missing woman. This missing woman turns out to be an old friend. It’s not her that he wants, it’s Joe. He wants her in a way that is unfamiliar. He knows that he shouldn’t because of the cop factor, but, he can’t help himself.

The Good:
This is very close to being my favorite read in the Wind Dragons Series. I loved the plot twist and it was delightfully frustrating.
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The Bad:
Elizabeth was a little pathetic. I mean I understand that her ordeal was horrific, but, I feel she was using her situation to try and trap Ranger.
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The Ugly:
This read touched on the ugliness of sex trafficking. It was subtle, but, you could imagine what happened.
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Worth the Read?
This woman is everything that Ranger wants, but, she is a cop and she is the enemy. Jo has no intention of getting involved with a biker. She knows it will jeopardize the career she’s built and cause tension not only in her department, but, with her partner.

I felt like the partner had a secret crush, but, that wasn’t explored. Working together requires trust and they soon realize that they both bring experience to the table that will help them find Elizabeth. This trust allows them to see past their titles and love blooms.

A wrench is thrown in their story of happily ever after. Will it be the end of them or will they find their way back? A little different from the other books in the series, but, still a great read. Solid 4 Stars!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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