Dark PastDark Past by Laurie Cataldo Fuchs
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on October 28, 2015
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Isabella Lovino…. a girl with a past. Moved to New York to keep her secrets hidden. She left her family, her friends, and her life to keep the demons of her past right where she left them. She needs a job and she knows that starting over will be difficult, but, she doesn’t have a choice. Trying not to reveal too much about herself, she is having trouble finding a job… until an opportunity presents itself and things are finally looking up.

Jason Hart…a successful CEO of an architectural firm. A chance sighting at a restaurant brings back a rush of feelings from his past. He soon realizes that he wants her…still, after all this time, he still wants Bella. They attended the same college, but, she doesn’t remember him. He will not let her get away this time, but, how will she feel when and if she finds out how they know each other.

The Good
This was a good story. The plot was solid and it kept me on edge. Intriguing and engaging.
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The Bad
The author could’ve done a better job with character development. With this being her debut novel, this can be expected. The characters were excellent, just not developed enough, which left some questions unanswered.
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The Ugly
: As I said, this was a good story, but, the author used their names a little too much, which took away from the scenes in the book.
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Worth the Read?
Overall, this was a great book. It was full of suspense, hot sex scenes, and it allowed me to imagine the characters as actual people…which is what I expect from a read. With this being a debut novel, Laurie did a great job in setting the stage for a thrilling ride. Even with the few hiccups, it read well. I am looking forward to future works from Laurie and I have no doubt that she will have a great following and readers craving for more! Solid 3 ½ Stars!!!

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