Dragon’s Realm: Dragons Realm Saga #1Dragons Realm by Tessa Dawn
Series: Dragons Realm Saga #1
Published by Ghost Pines Publishing, LLC on October 31, 2015
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Mina Louvet a young woman stolen from her family because she was a rare commodity...she could bear the children of dragons. She was raised in the ways of the Ahavi to serve the Kingdom and be a servant to their every need and desire. Mina’s downfall is her intelligence.

She gives credit where credit is due, honors what should be honored, and questions what is not right. The day she sees him, her soul is awakened. He is commanding, straight forward, unwavering, and there is something trustworthy about him. In her heart, she doesn’t want this responsibility, but, she has no choice if she wants to survive.

Dante Dragona is lethal, calculating, and dangerous. Next in line to succeed his father as King, he must first fulfill his duty and rule over one of the colonies in the Kingdom and take one of the Ahavi as his bride and produce offspring that will one day rule the Kingdom. When he sees Mina, he is mesmerized. He mustn’t show his feelings. That is a sign of weakness and dragons are supposed to rule with unyielding, relentless, merciless power. He knows she is different and he knows that he has to have her.

The Good:
Tessa Dawn has a way of creating mystic worlds that you actually think exist. Tangible and gripping. I was drawn into this story and fascinated by the characters. The plot was solid and suspenseful.

The Bad:
Dante’s father was a sick twisted bastard that should’ve been taken down long ago. I absolutely loathed him!

The Ugly:
The abuse of the Ahavi. It was sickening and done as sport. It was hard to listen to at times in the story.

Worth the Read?
This read was simply brilliant! A well written tale of betrayal, ruthless acts, and love that was captivating. How do you depend on someone that you don’t know? How do you trust a dragon when you’ve seen what they’re capable of.

Trouble is brewing with the enemy and there is trouble amongst the Drangonas. They must come together to defeat the enemy, but, what if the enemy isn’t the one you should fear? A Solid 4 Star Read!!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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