Driven by Fire: Fire Book 2Driven by Fire: Fire Book 2 by Anne Stuart
Published by Montlake Romance on February 16, 2016
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Jenny Parker, a lawyer with a heart for people who need help. The daughter of a notorious crime boss in New Orleans, she wants no part in what her family does. Her father enlists her help to get her little brother out of a sticky situation involving human trafficking. While doing so, she meets a man with the darkest eyes she’s ever seen. He’s mean and unfeeling. She wants nothing to do with him… until she needs his help.

Matthew Ryder is trained to trust his instincts. His instincts tell him that Jenny Parker is hiding something. She needs his help to protect one of the women she rescued from being kidnapped and sold into slavery. He doesn’t trust her, but, he can’t leave her open to danger. Things take a turn for the worse and he has to do something he regrets to get the answers he needs.

The Good:
I enjoyed this read. It had a great plot and I loved how it ended. The banter between Jenny and Matthew was entertaining and at times comedic.
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The Bad:
Jenny was too naïve for me. I know that there has to be a level of naivete, but, she worked my nerves so bad!
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The Ugly:
I was not cool with what Ryder did to get the information he needed. Even though it bothered him, I still hated it and I wish there could’ve been another way.
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Worth the Read?
This read has two plot twists that were brilliant. It was fast paced and it was very suspenseful. As I said, Jenny was a bit naïve and it was frustrating to see how clueless she was. It made me cringe, however, it was a good read. Someone is going to great lengths to kill Jenny. Ryder is doing everything to protect her and he is having trouble convincing her that the person she trying to protect is the person she should fear. A wild ride filled with surprises, unexpected feelings, comedic relief, and thrills. A betrayal in the end that cuts so deep, that it hurts, puts the final touch on this Solid 4 Stars!!

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