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EBR Rising Star: BJ Hardy

My EBR Rising Star is Author BJ Hardy

“Writing is much more than just a passion for me, it is the breath of freedom itself. You will find my fantasies, as well as my nightmares in the pages of my books.” 

 — B.J. Hardy

My EBR Rising Star is quickly making a name for himself! His current series, Eight Crazy Girls, is receiving great reviews and leaving readers begging for more. This is one Author that EBR recommends you get to know! Author B. J. Hardy!


Get to Know B.J. Hardy

Who would you cast in the movie about your life?

Kirk Douglas at 101 years of age. He would be fondly remembering all the adventures with a sparkle in his eyes. You see that would mean that I still have a long way to go.

Italy or London? Why?

Italy mostly because of the food. I love Italian. I am the type of guy who needs spice in my life, and lots of it.

A long romantic walk in the park with a picnic or dinner in a nice restaurant with candles and wine?

The dinner for sure. Most of the women I have known can reach orgasm by delectable food alone, and that is the perfect primer for my dessert… her!

What is your next project and when are you releasing it?

I am finishing off my 8 book series “Eight Crazy Girls.” The next volume will be released in early December 2018. After this I am already working on several other projects including an awesome cowrite series. I have a short for an anthology which will be released as part of a signing event this next year, and I have just started a new novel. I am going a different route with these next projects. They will be some serious sexy, and romantic fun!

Are you enjoying your journey as an Author? What’s the best part?

Absolutely! The best part is meeting all of the wonderful readers. I love them. I will be doing some signings this next year and I look forward to meeting them in person. Yes, I will also soon reveal my real name and then you will be able to see my evolution as an author. My first 40 books were kind of a rough start, hahahaha.

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