Entrapment: Infidelity Book 4Entrapment (Infidelity, #4) by Aleatha Romig
Series: Infidelity, #4
on September 13, 2016
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Book 4 in this series is just as enthralling as the first 3. Charli is pretending to go along with this asinine plan of marrying Bryce and it is taking everything in her to bide her time to escape the craziness of Montague Manor. She has seen her mother and doesn’t understand how she was addicted to drugs. She realizes what she must do to keep her loved ones safe and she knows she can’t give up now. Alton is making it difficult for her to make any moves. She gathers the strength to make some demands of her own and Alton begrudgingly complies.

Nox is ready to kill someone and he devises a plan of his own to help Charli escape. With Patrick’s knowledge of Montague Manor and its grounds, they have the perfect plan of escape. Nox receives help from an unexpected source and when more secrets are revealed, things start to make sense. He doesn’t want to believe that he was pawn in a game of chess and he doesn’t want to believe that what he and Charli has isn’t real. He knows he loves her and that she loves him. He knows that he can’t live without her and that he needs her.

The Good:
Once again Aleatha has me on the edge and ready to fall off. A lot of questions are answered in this installment, but, there’s so much more.
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The Bad:
Bryce’s treatment of Chelsea is inhuman and he needs to be taught a lesson.
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The Ugly:
The cliffhanger made me scream… literally out loud! I must wait another month to get the 5th and final installment in the Infidelity series. I love the audible version so I will try to be patient.
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Worth the Read?
I am so taken with this series. It is a must read that I could not stop listening to. The final book will answer the many questions that still linger. Lives are turned inside out, people are betrayed, lies are told, and a friendship is rebuilt. Will Charli escape Montague Manor? Will Alton get what he deserves? How can hearts mend with so much chaos and untruths. I’ve been told that everything will come together in the final book and all our questions will be answered. Solid 5 Stars!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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