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Exp1re: EXP1RE DUET Book 1EXP1RE by Erin Noelle
Published by Amazon Digital Services LLC on October 24, 2017
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Lyra, a woman with the ability to see a person’s date of death by looking in their eyes. It’s an Achilles heel of sorts. Why would you want to build a life with someone if you know when they will die? Becoming a photographer was a breath of fresh air. It allows her to see the beauty and life in all things…even people. She has learned to avoid looking into people’s eyes because the weight of having that ability, has taken its toll.

Tavian just knew that Annie was the love of his life…or so he thought. When she decided to leave town after he proposed, he realized he had some thinking to do. He goes overseas on vacation and has an encounter that he will never forget.

The Good:
This is my first time reading a Fantasy and I must say I am just as smitten as when I read my first Paranormal Romance. This read was certainly an unforgettable journey.
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The Bad:
If there is anything bad, I would have to say the cliffhanger. I literally wanted to take a dive off a cliff. I actually screamed!
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The Ugly:
Life’s fate can be ugly. Knowing the outcome of things is gut wrenching and is so unfair! But, then, I’m not sure if I wouldn’t want to know…. it’s a catch22.
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Worth the Read?
I’ve read hundreds of love stories and this was a welcomed change for me. From the beginning I was intrigued and cautious. Cautious because I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this. By the end, I was in tears…vulnerable from what I just experienced while reading this journey. Lyra has an ability that I wouldn’t wish for anyone. It set her up for a lifetime of loneliness. A tragedy at a young age changes her life and seals her fate to never get close to anyone. Another tragedy brings someone into her life that stirs feelings that she’s never felt…. Tavian.

She knows she can’t get too close, but, fate steps in and he reminds her to live. They give in to the passion that has been growing between them. The love making is intense and electric. It is beyond anything that either of them has ever felt. How can they say goodbye when reality is inevitable? How do you let go when someone has ignited a flame that continuously burns a hole in your soul? The twist in the end made me cry.

I cried because fate is sometimes unfair and these two deserve this love…this perfect love. Tavian must face his past and although he may never see Lyra again, he knows he can never feel this way with anyone else. This story is a work of art that draws you in, levels you out, and then rips you apart. I felt so many emotions while reading this…. heartbroken, euphoric, aroused, and sad. I highly recommend this read. I was given this by the Author for an honest review. All I can say is, this read stripped me raw and bared my soul. Simply brilliant. Solid 5 Stars!

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