Fan Recommended: Move the Sun: Signal Bend #1

by Susan Fanetti

This book was recommended to me by Danielle Maurino Thomas, a member of my blog group.

Move the Sun (Signal Bend Series Book 1)

I love MC Romance, but, I had no idea of the journey this took me on. First of all the female, Lilli, is badass! A no holds barred woman with a past that would scar some people for life. Strong, independent, and a trained killer. She is on a mission to avenge the deaths of her crew when she was a pilot in the military.

That person, a man who couldn’t handle a woman being his superior, lives in the small town of Signal Bend, MO. This town is run and protected by the Night Horde Motorcycle Club. It’s leader Isaac, is infatuated with her immediately and the sparks are flying heavy between the two of them.

Raw, uninhibited, tit for tat, sex that will have your heart racing. The storyline will keep you mesmerized and transfixed in the drama. Lilli’s strength makes Isaac weak, but, in a good way. She can kiss him one minute and aim a gun at him in the next. That’s what makes this book a must read.

Brilliant writing by Susan Fanetti brings this story to life and makes it so tangible that you feel every emotion from sorrow, pain, arousal, fear, sexy…..I could go on forever. The situation gets critical when the very person she is determined to kill has a personal connection to the Night Horde. Decisions have to be made and time is running out. What started out as pure lust has turned to love. Can it survive after the dust settles? This is a 5 Star must read!!!

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  1. I am so happy you loved it! It’s my favorite series. I hope you continue. by book four you’ll be a Fanetti fan for life!

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