Fan Recommended: Owned: Decadence After Dark Book 1 by M Never

by M Never

This was a great story recommended to me by blog member Karen Moriarty, a member of my blog group.

Owned : Dark Romance (Decadence After Dark Book 1) (A Decadence after Dark Novel)

There is loads of sex in this read. At first, I was a little turned off because there was so much sex, but, I told myself… well, it is about a sex slave and there should be lots of sex. When I put myself in that frame of mind, I was able to look past some of those scenes and see the love story that was developing. Kayne and Ellie were electric from the beginning.

This read was full of suspense and although you know Kayne’s purpose for treating Ellie the way he did, it still makes you cringe to see him treat her the way he does. This is brutal and unforgiving. You have to have a thick skin to endure this story. It was brutal and torturous at times. I felt vulnerable because I could not imagine what Ellie felt in those moments where she had no clue what was going on and why Kayne was treating her like she was less than a human. Submission and obedience was the key to her survival.

Kayne encountered new territory when dealing with Ellie. Feelings he didn’t know he was capable of surfaced and made him into a person that he did not recognize. An enemy’s presence takes this story to new heights. He is inhuman and unfeeling. He tests Kayne’s limits and in the midst of it all, there’s Ellie… watching, waiting, not in control. Moments of despair and fragility make you feel for Ellie, but, there is a strength that she must tap into to survive. She resigns herself to her situation and when everything comes to a dramatic head, she is left hanging in the balance.

I gave this 4 stars because even with all of this, I wanted more of this tantalizing story

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