Guest House: Ménage Romance #1Guest House: Menage Romance #1 by Sasha Jayne Moretti
Genres: Menage Erotica
Series: Menage Romance #1
Published by Naughty Girl Books on December 5th 2016
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Taryn is a college student who planned on spending spring break on the beach with her friends. Kicking back, being carefree, and just enjoying the semester off. When one of her grants falls through, she has no choice but to use the money she saved to pay off her tuition balance.

She runs into one of her professors who invites her over for dinner at his home. Professor Bateman is every girl’s dream…handsome and sexy. His wife is every man’s fantasy…gorgeous and sexy. They have a beautiful home with a guest house in the pool area. They offer Taryn their guest house so that she didn’t have to go home for spring break and it will be rent free. She happily accepts and soon learns they have plans for her…. sex filled…. fantasy filled plans just for her.

The kicker…. Taryn is a virgin and while she has imagined nights of passion and lust, she has never imagined it being with a couple. They want her, they crave her, and they devour her. She soon finds herself attracted to not only the professor, but, also his wife. She is pushed beyond her limits and there is no turning back. Her body is their feeding ground and they taste, lick, and suck her…. they claim her as theirs!

The Good
This story was fantastic! I could not put it down. It is rare that I love a debut novella, but, this author really told a great story! Very enjoyable.
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The Bad
I did not want it end! I could’ve kept reading their tales of lust filled days and nights.
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The Ugly
All good things must come an end!
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Worth the Read?
I thoroughly enjoyed this read! I was engrossed in these characters and it was a 10 on the “hotness” scale. The Batemans were a very open and honest couple who knew what they wanted and had no problem expressing their desire for Taryn.

Taryn, although a virgin, knew she wanted to have an amazing sexual experience and was willing to dive into forbidden territory. A relationship like this is taboo and that’s what makes this one of the most decadent and delicious tales that I’ve ever read!

If you love ménage and you have an open mind that allows you to expand your imagination, then this is the book for you. I give it a Solid 4 Stars!!!

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