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January Author of the Month: James Crow

by James Crow

Happy New Year EBR Peeps! My January Author of the Month needs no introduction. He is known for writing taboo stories full of kink and uninhibited desire. He is an International Best Selling Author who pushes the boundaries of forbidden pleasure and allows his readers imaginations to soar. Here is an up close and very personal look at the Master of Kink himself….James Crow!

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Author Bio

James Crow lives in the UK with his constant sub and six spaniels. Apart from writing filthy books, James’ hobbies include stamp collecting ( the tramp variety), knot tying, wax modelling and water sports.


The Interview

I have to ask, what drew you to writing steamy stories for women and when did you know you wanted to be an author?

What drew me to writing steamy stories for women? That would have to be my dick. He’s like a horny fucking meerkat, popping his engorged head up all over the place. I love women. Love turning them on. Love licking them in all the right places until they’re a sodden wet mess – and to be able to do that with words, is extremely gratifying. I want my reader to squirm. I want my reader to lock the doors and close the blinds and get jiggy with Bob over and over again.

As for when I knew I wanted to be an author… maybe that could have been when was I only five years old and all my stick-figure women had huge tits. I liked tits. All tits. At six I would get a hard on just getting served by Big Betty in the sweetie shop. I would ask for the chews in the bottom display so that she would bend down – and boy, those tits. I would go home and draw Big Betty’s huge tits. And as soon as I could write the word TITS – I was an author. Simple!

Have you ever visited the US? If yes, which state?

I’ve been to Florida a few times. Beautiful place and beautiful people. And my favorite haunt is Hooters – go figure.

How does it feel to have so much support from the Crowgirls? I love being a member by the way. We have such a good time!

It feels all warm and cozy for sure. A gorgeous bunch of dirty girls. What more could a man ask for?

What inspired you to write the very twisted For Her Sins? That was like no other book I’ve ever read! Very delectable and raw 🙂

Joss Whedon and Buffy. What a talent that guy is. I’ve always loved his tongue-in-cheek style – and the way he weaves the supernatural into real life. One of my favorite Buffy episodes is ‘Halloween’. So, when I got the chance to write a story for Halloween and give it a filthy twist, I jerked at the chance. Jumped – I mean I jumped at the chance.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Drink. Have sex. Drink. Watch the Walking Dead. Drink. Have sex. (probably in that order)

Which Authors do you admire most?

From the past: Anne Desclos – so daring for 1954 – her ‘dirty’ book was banned, of course.
From the present: Clarissa Wild, Jade West, Isabella Starling, Willow Winters – to mention but a few – and, of course, we still ban the ‘dirty’ books.

Are any of your books written from personal experience?

Yes. All of them. If you’re gonna write about filthy perverts it pays to be one yourself.

What are you currently working on and when can we expect a new release?

My WIP is about… a filthy pervert (surprise). It started off as a bit of kinky fun, but as his backstory filtered through, along with the backstory of our heroine, it got a whole lot deeper than kink. I’m hoping to release early 2018, so get ready to squirm more than ever before.

How important are reviews and how do you handle a negative review?

They’re important because they can show me where I’m going wrong and where I’m going right – I always want to improve. Negative reviews are easy. They come in three categories. Objective, subjective, and troll. The best negative reviews are the objective ones, pointing out story or character flaws – something you can address in your future works. The subjective negative reviews tell you about your reader – sometimes that can be helpful. And lastly – troll reviews – we all get ’em – don’t feed the trolls!

What do you find difficult in getting your work out there and what tools/avenues do find are most effective?

Since the advent of self-publishing, everyone (including me) wants to be an author. A quick google tells me there are over 5 million eBooks on Amazon with a new book uploaded every 5 minutes. It is difficult to have your work discovered when the market is so flooded. It’s important therefore to utilize the tool that is social media, to get in touch with your readers and gain their support – and never forget they are why you write.

Have you thought about putting one of your works on the big screen?

If only I had a spare few million – and if only such filthy erotica was allowed – I’d love to.

Finally, what personal message do you have for your fans?

I prefer to call them readers – ‘fans’ makes me cringe. But thank you, gorgeous readers. I love that you squirm at my words – and that you come back for more. Thank you x

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