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January Author of the Month: Lucian Bane

by Lucian Bane

My Author of The Month for January 2019 really needs no introduction. A Best Selling Romance Author that takes you to the dark side, stretching your imagination and transporting you into his twisted world.

His writing will mold you and take you prisoner. I had the absolute pleasure of asking him a few questions and getting to know him outside of the writing world. Here’s a personal look at Author Lucian Bane!

Author Bio

My name is Lucian Bane, and I’m a Dom. And now that I no longer write strictly BDSM, the intro is lacking. So, to properly encapsulate who I am, I would simply say, I’m a husband who submits his will to God and allows Him to lead my mind heart and body. I think of it as the art of becoming one. And I do believe with all that I am, that without God, I could never achieve the things that I have.

Of course you’ll find my guts in every book that I write. Within the pages, I like to secretly craft maps that lead readers in a direction that would nurture the passionate powers within them. The powers that lead to life-long relationships, unbreakable family ties, and a solid, healthy society.

The Interview


When did you know that you wanted to be an Author? Why did you choose the genre you chose?

I guess after I wrote my first book, I realized it. I realized it would be a kind of ministry that I could use to help people.

Are you working on any new projects?

Sadistic Games. A dark erotic thriller about a psychopath who sets his sadistic sights on a Christian woman. The blurb goes– Mordecai is a psychopath. Miriam is a Christian. Both want the same thing–to help each other. But where Miriam’s intentions are pure, Mordecai’s are full of sadistic games.

There’s 12 books in this series, each are about 11-12k each. By the end of the 12 books, I’ll combine them into 6 books that I publish on Amazon. The small ones are released only on my website to my hardcore fans who want everything early! LOL. I’m currently writing book 7&8 (I write them 2 per week–well until Christmas hit, I’ll be getting back to that pace now that the rush is over)

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Do things with the family, as a family. I have my wife and my adopted nieces and nephews–6 total. The ages range from 19, 16, 14, 12, (I’m having to ask LOL) 9, and 6 (just had a birthday! lol)

Wine or Liquor? What kind?

I don’t drink either, ever. Coffee is my only vice LOL.

What action would your name be if it were a verb?

I’m so stumped with this! LOL. Maybe “hammer” since i hit everytihng like i want to drive it in and make it stay.

If someone made a movie of your life, what genre would it be and what would be the name of it?

Would be def comedy romance. Might be called What the Fuck Were You Thinking?

What is most important when you write, plot or character development?

Both are crucial to me and are married. You can’t develop a plot without the character, so, def the character development directs the plot but then sometimes I let the plot direct the character development. Either way, they are inseparable to me.

Have you ever written a book, but, never published it?

Never. I always write to publish.

Does your muse differ with each project or do you draw inspiration from the same place?

My muses come from a story I get in my head and is driven by one of the characters in that story

Favorite food?

Rice and gravy (from chicken, pork, or beef) with green peas, mashed potatoes, a bread, and prob mac and cheese.

What is one thing that you can’t live without?

I’d have to say my laptop since I need it to work LOL

What is your life motto?

Shut up and do it

If you could live in any decade, which one would you choose and why?

I want to name the era where life was harder but simpler. But then I realize that the current decade I’m in is a great one. So, I’ll choose current.

Finally, what message would you like to give to your readers/supporters?

Oh, that’s my prize question. All my writing has ulterior motive. Inspire readers to be better/happier people by writing stories that demonstrate how to go from a bad situation into a better one.

I feel like books are a private therapy we engage in not just to live but to see how to. As a writer, I recognize the opportunity I have when I write. I’m given a stage and I can say anything I want. I want to tell people that no matter what bad situation you’re in, there’s a way out.

But I don’t want readers to just read about bad situations with silly endings or resolutions that are unhealthy, I want to give them an actual roadmap they can follow in their own life to achieve the same things. And even when situations are different, the elements and principles are the same and I trust the reader’s to recognize those principles and hopefully apply it to their own lives.

In this way, I am able to help change the world through the mind and heart’s of the most important people in the world–women, wives, mothers, sister’s daughters. I would love to reach men but they mostly don’t read my genres LOL. So, it falls to the “help-mates” of the world to incorporate these life-changing attitudes within themselves, and spread out from there.

You Can Find Lucian Here:

Amazon | Facebook Page | Website | Goodreads


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