On My Knees: Bridge Series Book #1On My Knees (Bridge, #1) by Meredith Wild
on March 13, 2014
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Maya Jacobs could not believe that Cameron asked her to marry him! She was in college and he was in the military. Although they were in love, she was not ready to get married. She did not want him to bear the burden of her troubled family and the issues that she faced. He left her and life moved forward. She moved to New York and pursued a career in accounting at a firm on Wall Street. Her job was very demanding and she adopted the attitude of “work hard, play harder”. She leads this life of partying hard on the weekends and having one night stands. No feelings, no problem… until fate steps in and brings Cameron back into her life. She is resisting his need to recreate what they had. He never stopped loving her and he believes she feels the same.

Cameron Bridge was heartbroken when Maya said no to his marriage proposal. He spent the next several years volunteering for dangerous deployments trying to scrub the memory of Maya from his heart. This love was deep, raw, scaring, and soul touching. How could he ever move on? Years later his sister Olivia encounters Maya on the streets of New York. She can tell there’s something different about Maya and of course she tells Cameron that she saw Maya. Cameron sets out on a mission to find her and talk to her. He wants to rekindle their love and build a life. Maya is not ready. She is not living in the past and she refuses to acknowledge these feelings that have been brought back to the surface.

The Good:
I loved this story. There is nothing like a love story that is doomed only to prevail.
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The Bad:
I wanted Maya to resist a little more. She did give Cameron a hard time, but, I wanted her to hold out a little bit longer.
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The Ugly:
Ok, I listened to this read on Audible and the narrators were awful. I never wanted a sex scene to end so fast in my life!! It was hard to stay focused on the storyline because of their bad timing with the dramatic effects. I cringed a lot, especially when it was Cameron’s turn.
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Worth the Read?
Overall I loved this read. It had just the right amount of drama and I loved Cameron’s diligence. He was not letting go. Maya went through so many things at her job. I loved the twist of the office drama. It really turned this story around for me. Then there was Olivia who believed that Maya was solely responsible for Cameron going overseas. Everything comes to a head and the truth reveals misunderstandings that could have been so easily resolved. Will Maya finally say yes when Cameron asks her to marry him again? Maybe…maybe not! I give this a Solid 4 Stars!




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