Menace: Scarlet Scar Book #1Menace (Scarlet Scars, #1) by J.M. Darhower
Published by J.M. Darhower on January 16, 2017
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Morgan Meyers is running for her life, but, at the same time staying to get her daughter back from the man that promised to take care of her. What she got was a life of rape, abuse, and torture. When she managed to escape with her daughter, her happiness was short lived. He found her, left her for dead and took their daughter. Determined to get her daughter back, she involves the police and uses her body in exchange for their help. To stay below the radar, she took a job at a strip club and picked pockets to make ends meet. On one particular night….she chose the wrong pocket to pick…

Lorenzo Gambini strikes fear into most people just by his appearance. Nicknamed Scar due to a long scar down his face, he is a menace to society. A bad boy that can be your worst nightmare. The rumors about him being a merciless, ruthless, killer are true. He runs his town, his trust is earned. You cross him, you’re done….for good. The woman with the Scarlet letter tattoo is causing trouble in his life. Her fight becomes his fight. He wants in on her secrets while keeping his heart in check. But, he has met his match. She pushes his boundaries and changes the game and he doesn’t like it one bit.

The Good:
This story was full of on the edge of your seat suspense. Full of drama, murder, and great sex.
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The Bad:
Morgan being used by the people that was supposed to be helping her. It seemed like her abuser had hands everywhere. She played right into his hands without knowing it.
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The Ugly:
Sex trafficking can be hard to read, but, I loved how the Author brought attention to this tough subject and the bad guys paid in the end.
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Worth the Read?
These two are a match made in heaven. I enjoyed their banter, their, chemistry, and their toughness. Two strong beings not willing to sacrifice who they are for anyone. Morgan is determined to find her daughter and nothing or no one is getting in the way of that. It seems that Scar needs to help her in order to save himself from slipping into  darkness forever.

He doesn’t know what love is, but, he knows that Morgan is stirring something within him that he’s never felt and he wants to explore it. He’s betrayed by one of his own and Morgan is put in extreme danger. Loyalties are tested and people will die…will he save them both in time? Solid 5 Stars!

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