Mr. Romantic: The Mister Series Book #2Mr. Romantic (Mister, #2) by J.A. Huss
on June 22, 2016
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Ivy Rockwell has recently graduated from college. She is looking for a job and hasn’t had many offers. She receives an invite to interview for a marketing type position at an exclusive resort in California. Ivy plays it straight and follows the rules. She’s a virgin, she makes safe choices, and the most excitement she has is living vicariously through her outgoing roommate. When she finds out that she is interviewing with Nolan Delany, she wants to be the opposite of who she is and take some risks…. she wants him to take her virginity!

Nolan Delany is as charismatic as they come! He is tall, sexy, and he makes all the women swoon. He is known as Mr. Romantic, a name he’s not particularly fond of because it was a label put on him due to an incident from the past.

The Good:
This story gripped me when I listened to an excerpt after Mr. Perfect. I could not wait until it was recorded. I normally find stories with virgins are repetitive and boring, but, it was different and enjoyable.
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The Bad:
I could not stand Nolan’s sister! She set my nerves on fire and I wanted her to mind her own business. She was rude and manipulative.
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The Ugly:
Some people may find the fantasy portion a bit overwhelming because of what it involves. It’s not necessarily ugly, but, it can be a trigger for those who are vulnerable to sensitive subject matter.
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Worth the Read?
I love this series so far! Each Mister has their own story and each one has something to overcome. Nolan is attracted to Ivy. Ivy finds him insufferable, arrogant, and selfish. She wants him, but, she is scared out of her mind. The attraction between them is electric and is hard to avoid. I didn’t like Nolan at first because he is arrogant and lacked feelings. Ivy, without knowing it, broke him down. My feelings really changed when he de-virgnized Ivy. His initial reaction was a bit rough, but, once he realized the treasure he had, he started to melt. Someone is working against them and danger is lurking around, waiting to pounce. He asks one of the other Misters for help to see who and what is trying to sabotage him. The culprit is closer than he thinks and Ivy is put in harm’s way. He will protect her and fight for her, but, will it be too late! A Solid 4 ½ Stars!!!

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