Perfect: Book 4 (Evolution/Stranger)Perfect: Book 4 (Evolution/Stranger) by N.M. Catalano, Anita Maynard
on January 1st 1970

Brian has what he feels is a perfect life! He’s handsome, wealthy, and he leaves women craving for more of him. What more could a man want? The reality is, he is miserable, lacking, and unfulfilled. He knows there is more to life and he can’t quit figure out what’s missing…. that is until he has an encounter with Brooke! Brooke has what men want, but, it’s a curse to her. She never wants to let man into her heart because of her past. She has demons in her that lie dormant, waiting, and ready to come out.

The Good
N.M. Catalano has a way of drawing you into her character’s world and she did not disappoint with PERFECT. She surpassed the need that readers have of raw emotion, passion, and a great storyline. Well written and simply brilliant.
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The Bad
There was nothing bad about this read.
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The Ugly
I want more! This series is addictive!
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Worth the Read?
The first 3 books had me in a constant state of euphoria, but, this book had me begging for more. Brian is the perfect Alpha male that will make even the strongest woman submit. Brooke was broken and she guarded her heart, but, Brian showed her that it’s ok to let go and love. The things he showed her, the trust he gained, the love that grew…. simply magnificent. The PERFECT man can cause a woman to discover pleasure that she didn’t know existed. This book will create a journey of self-discovery that every woman should have. Perfectly written, perfectly erotic, perfectly delicious…. Brian is PERFECT! The Stranger series can be read as standalone novels…. but I have to warn you…once you start this series, you won’t want it to end! You will be shocked, you will feel overwhelmed, you will feel a sense of betrayal. So many emotions in this story made for a great read. Brooke, who was broken yet so open to try something new and Brian who had the patience of a saint! Heart racing is an understatement. If you love being dominated, then this is definitely the PERFECT book for you! Solid 5 Star Read!

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