A Baton Rouge Love Story 2


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In the explosive sequel from National Best-Selling Author, Johnazia Gray comes a heap of drama in A Baton Rouge Love Story; Loving You Through The Pain 2.

After finding out that her husband was cheating and possibly having a baby on the way by his mistress, Vix decided that giving Hazel a chance wasn’t so bad. Hazel was just what she needed in her life to take her mind off of everything Paul had done to her. She was happy, up until Paul decided that she couldn’t live life without him. Paul stirs up a mix of trouble and creates a plan to take Vix down, but is he successful?

Vanity and Juice’s relationship was going good until she stupidly allowed her trifling ways to get in the mix of their almost perfect relationship. She loved him dearly but there were a few things holding her back from fully submitting to him. The final straw for Vanity was when he turned his back and left her alone while she carried his child. Juice left Vanity torn and from there she spiraled down. Not knowing what to do or expect from him.

Purity is finally glowing and it’s all because of her newfound love, Carstin. The man is everything she’s always wanted plus more. Carstin is loving, supportive, charming and has a heart full of gold. And not to mention he’s a certified real one. With Carstin’s help, Purity and her mother Tawny, are finally able to see better day which brings peace and happiness to Purity’s life. Carstin and Purity’s relationship was blossoming up until his baby mother Erika comes into the picture. The drama that she and her mother causes makes the ride very bumpy for Purity making her question if being with him is worth the headache and stress. With Carstin not being able to control Erika’s actions and disrespectful behavior it puts a huge strain on their relationship which begins to affect the trust Purity once had for him.

In A Baton Rouge Love Story 2 the ride gets tougher, some lives will be taken, secrets to why the family is so dysfunctional will be revealed, and some relationships come to an end.















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