A Brand New Hood Love 4


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In The Finale of A Brand New Hood Love, every secret that was held throughout this series comes to light. All families has always been deep into the drug game, but always stressed the importance of family and loyalty. Unfortunately, the leaders of the family hadn’t been playing by their own rules, leaving the children to solve everything. After Kreed and Knight lost their mother, they are out for revenge. Kreed promised to never get his hands dirty after leaving that life behind him, but he had no choice after putting his family in a bad situation. Knight is our for blood and he know that his father had everything to do with his mother’s death; what will he do to seek revenge? Caia tries hard to wrap her mind around the fact that she will be sharing a baby daddy with her big sister, would that make them closer or make them hate each other even more? It all goes down in A Brand New Hood Love Part 4.


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