Ain't Nothing Like A Chi-Town Thug: A Hood Love Romance


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Antionette is a young beautiful college student that most would consider to be a “good girl”. Due to her low self esteem she believes that she will never find a man that she can call her own. It isn’t until she meets the charming Aaron Givens that she sees her true beauty.

Aaron is handsome, smart, and wealthy. He has all of the qualities that Antionette wants in a man. There’s only two issues to that. He has all the qualities that every other female around the way wants as well and he’s heavy in the streets.

Antionette has to figure out if she has what it takes to be a thugs leading lady or will she throw in the towel when things become unbearable. Find out what happens when a good girl and a bad boy’s world become one. Love, lies, secrets, and betrayal are straight ahead.


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