As Long As I'm The Only One


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For Marlee Davis, family was everything. Her cousins were her first friends and she cherished their bond. That was until that bond was irrevocably broken right along with her heart. Her boyfriend Tyson wasn’t the best looking or the finest, but he treated her like a queen. To the outside world, she had it all and she became the envy of many. After being betrayed in the worst way imaginable, Marlee vowed that she was done with love and relationships. That was until a weekend getaway changed her perspective and her life in unimaginable ways. With her best friend and cousin, Desiree, by her side, Marlee is thrown through a world wind of emotions that she never expected. She found out that happiness often sneaks in through a door that you didn’t even know was opened.

RJ Banks was born with more money than he’d probably ever spend. Being his father’s youngest child and only son proved to be his greatest accomplishment. He was taught the importance of honesty at an early age and that was a lesson that stayed with him throughout life. Aspen, his girlfriend of many years, wanted everlasting love with him and she was willing to do any and everything to be his only one. But RJ was not ready to deliver “ever” or “lasting” until he crossed paths with destiny. He soon learned the importance of being the only one.










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