Cheating The Future For The Past 3


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Jaden’s family scramble to find answers as they watch him battle for his life after being left for
dead. Although she feels for her daughter’s father, Kia has moved on with her life and has a
new man in it. Keller loves Jaden like a brother, but she too is battling with inner conflicts such
as the new life growing inside of her. Will Keller terminate her pregnancy and move on with
remorse from Tigga or will she give Tigga another chance at her heart and unborn child’s life.
Tigga knows right from wrong and he questions his actions with Keller. Will he work to right his
wrongs or move on to new attractions. Anaya has learned the hard way that doing wrong won’t
ever go right, but she is determined to beat the odds. Although she quickly realizes that old
habits are hard to break; she is not alone in her new journey. Rich is in a mess that he’s not sure
how to get himself out of, but is it too late for regrets? Will Jaden live to confront his past
demons? Will Keller and Tigga finally get it right and raise their child together or will Keller do
the unthinkable? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this final installment of
Cheating the Future for the Past.











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