Cold Turkey: A Second Helpings Short Story


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Virginia: I left this small town five years ago, quitting the man I loved cold turkey and fleeing a dull, rural life.

Running to the man I thought I loved, right into a life of misery in the city.

Here I was, being rescued on Thanksgiving by the only man who could heal my soul.

But I was too proud to admit my mistake, so fate had to force my hand.

Fox: She nearly destroyed me when she ran away those years ago, but here she was standing in the rain with a busted down car and a broken heart.

I swore I’d never love again, and meaningless fling after meaningless fling left me hollow and shattered inside.

All along I needed her back, but I was too god damned stubborn to let her know.

So fate stepped in and did it for me.

**Short, sexy and fun! Second Helpings Short Stories are the perfect remedy for your busy turkey day. Slip away and take some time for yourself, a quick one handed read to help you through the stress of family dinner.

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