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Following a shocking revelation from his ex-wife and her new husband, Mekhi is left with more questions than answers. Never the loser and always the winner, Mekhi won’t give up what he has worked hard to accomplish – including Rylee. Rylee has moved on to greener pastures and refuses to let her past interfere with her future. But, Mekhi is still up to his old tricks. Being the protector that he is, Zyrian has his wife’s back every step of the way. When his past tries to resurface, he has the strenuous task of staying on the right path or going astray. When secrets are reveled and friends turn into foes, who will be the last one standing? Will Mekhi let Rylee have her happily ever after or will he try to reclaim what he feels is rightfully his? Is life after Rylee complicated for Mekhi or will he maneuver through the thorns to claim his most prized possession in this final installment. 











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