Her So Husband 3 (Her So Called Husband )


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Alexus is in a bind. After the love of her life, Tyree, catches her in bed with her ex-lover, Dre, she is terrified that she may have lost him forever. Even though Tyree still loves Alexus, he’s unsure if they will be able to overcome this huge obstacle or if he should simply move on. Keanna hasn’t changed one bit, but this time, she has a little competition of her own.
She formed a fast friendship with Ayanna, but what happens when their friendship is put to
the test in the worst way? Cherika is trying desperately to move on from Dre and his constant cheating, but is he really ready to let her go or will he decide to fight for his family? Dre still loves Alexus more than life itself, but are the feelings mutual or has she finally had enough of her married ex-lover? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this drama filled final installment of Her So Called Husband 3.











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