His Other Boo (A stand alone novel)


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Twenty-five-year-old Alissa Myers, AKA Sweetie, is a top real estate agent with Century 21 Realtors. She’s attractive, intelligent, outgoing, and everything that a man could ever want in a woman. That is until she ends up selling a property to Mr. Odom Sparks. Meeting him and starting a whirlwind affair behind closed doors begins a whole new change in Alissa . . .One that no one ever saw coming.
Odom Sparks is the 35-year-old husband of Cynthia Sparks. He’s chocolate, sexy, clean cut with no tats, and he even owns his own contracting company. Life couldn’t be any better for him, until he runs across the likes of Sweetie. It’s as if he has lost all sense of reasoning and has started thinking with his head below, instead of the one that’s connected to his neck. Will pure and unadulterated lust make him lose everything that he has worked so hard for, or will he eventually find his way and continue to be the man that he is truly destined to be?
Cynthia Sparks is the 33-year-old wife of Odom Sparks and is a top trainer at the French Riviera Spa. She’s a fitness fanatic who will do whatever it takes to remain in tip-top shape. Even if it means refusing giving her husband, Odom, the child that he has always wanted. Little does she know, that what she won’t do, someone is more than willing to take her place.
Come go with me on this emotional roller coaster ride where hearts are broken and relationships are tested to the very core. Will lies, deceit, secrets and deception break up a happy marriage of five years? Or will Cynthia and Odom finally find a way to forget and forgive?
Find out in the dangerous love triangle, HIS OTHER BOO.


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