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Life was great for Landon Reynolds. Although his mother had abandoned him and his sister as kids to be raised by their grandmother, he was determined to have the family that she never provided. He married and started a family with his high school sweetheart and they were happy, or so he thought. Landon’s wife, Malia, loved her husband and kids, but she loved herself more. She’d been a wife and mother for most of her young life and she began to feel like something was missing. After deciding to leave her two sons in the care of their father, Malia set out to find her own happiness.
Faryn had a childhood that most girls her age couldn’t endure. Her drug addicted mother left her and her siblings to fend for themselves and that’s exactly what they did. Faryn wasn’t proud of some of the things she had to do, but it was necessary in order to survive. After putting herself through college, she settled into a comfortable, yet predictable routine.
When a chance encounter allows Faryn and Landon to cross paths, their chemistry was undeniable. A friendship turned romance soon blossomed between the two and the possibilities were endless.
Unfortunately, not everyone was thrilled about their newfound union. Foes, old and new, decided that they were better off apart. When inside and outside forces threaten to divide what they’d just put into place, will Landon and Faryn manage to come out on top? Will they overcome the many obstacles that are thrown their way or will they give up on love and each other altogether? These questions and more will be answered in I Don’t Want You Back, a full length standalone.











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