Never Knew Love Like This


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Getting money was all that Cashmere ever knew growing up. Being beautiful with a figure to die for made it easy for her to juggle men and get her needs met. She had never met a man who wasn’t impressed by her outer appearance until she met Montez, a married tattoo artist. Montez has more on his plate than he bargained for. He is desperate to start a family with Destiny, his wife of 3 years, but the secrets that she’s withholding make that seem almost impossible. A chance meeting from a mutual acquaintance puts Cashmere and Montez in each other’s presence briefly. It’s love at first sight for one of them, but not so much the other. Cashmere is used to men falling at her feet, but the lack of attention from Montez has her questioning herself as well as the beauty that she’s always been known to possess. Take a ride with an insecure young woman and a very outspoken young man to see just how their lives intertwine when they cross paths with one another. Will Montez be able to resist the sexy vixen known as Cashmere or will he dishonor his vows for a taste of her forbidden fruit? Will Cashmere be able accept Montez’s rejection or will she continue to pursue something that she can never have? Is Montez really off limits or will he be the man to show her love like she’s never known before?















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