Something About Milan: A Complicated Love Story


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She knew that their relationship had ran its course long ago, however, Milan Smith still allowed those stolen moments from the past to keep her around. After giving Jabari her mind, body, and soul, she is fed up and in desperate need of a little spice in her life. The cocky, yet undeniably sexy, Wise, just may be the remedy. But, what happens when Jabari doesn’t want to let go?

Sasha is young, beautiful, and she knows how to play her position to get what she wants. All she ever wanted was for Wise to realize that she’s the one for him, but with Milan in the way, that seems next to impossible. She’s desperate to get Wise back and will do anything to have him. But what happens when her scheming begins to backfire?

Selena is her boyfriend’s ride-or-die. She held him down through the worst and he has her heart in a vice grip. However, being a rider isn’t in her plans forever. She’s ready for Carter to get out of the streets for good so that they could live peacefully. But when skeletons from the past begin to surface, peace is the least of their worries.

In this sizzling love story, there’s a web of lies and deceit that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions until the very last page. Brace yourself for the ride!















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