Thug Lovin' Is The Best Lovin'


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Cheyanne has just about everything that a woman wants. She’s smart and beautiful with a promising career. The only thing missing is someone special to share it with on a monogamous level. She longs to have a husband and kids of her own. However, there is one problem. She’s trying to figure out which one of the two men in her life that will step up to the plate and make her dreams come true.

Kylan is an “almost” single, bad boy with more women than he can handle. However, Cheyanne holds a special place in his heart. Will he leave his cheating ways behind and choose her? Or will he find that the tables have turned, and it be too late?

Demarcus, on the other hand, is a family oriented father of two that is already married. He hasn’t been as forthcoming as Cheyanne would’ve hoped. However, feelings have gotten involved, and it’s not so easy to walk away. Will Demarcus turn out to be all the man that Cheyanne needs? Or, will he disappoint her in ways that she’ll never recover from?

When lies are told and secrets are revealed, who will be the last man standing? Which one of the men in Cheyanne’s life will end up showing her that Thug Lovin is indeed the Best Lovin?


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