Two Million Reasons Why


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What you don’t know can indeed hurt you and Idris “Izzy” King found that out the hard way. Being street smart wasn’t enough when it came to love and relationships and his girlfriend, Sasha, was proof of that. Feeling like she was in a one sided relationship with Izzy for two years had Sasha questioning herself. Izzy built an impenetrable wall that was impossible for Sasha to break. Self-doubt weighed Sasha down like an anchor and left her with more questions than answers. Izzy was only doing what he was taught, but unfortunately, he wasn’t taught enough.
Being from a small town in Mississippi, Navy Reed didn’t know much about the fast paced life of New Orleans. After moving there to be with her boyfriend Chance, Navy was ready to reconsider her decision and run for the hills. Navy’s knight in shining armor turned out to be nothing more than a liar in tin foil. Meeting her best friend, Regan, proved to be just what she needed to keep her sanity intact.
When Navy finds something that isn’t being sought, her life seems to take a turn in a better direction. Unfortunately, the fear of trusting someone had her paranoia at an all-time high. Like shadows, fake people followed in the sun but left Navy in the dark. She soon learned that enemies often disguised themselves as friends. When it was all said and done, running away was Navy’s safest option and she had two million reasons why.











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