What He Wanted: a Standalone


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He could have anything he wanted – But HER. Now he was determined to change that and get What He Wanted!

Alexis and Zavier fight to keep their love together as they both deal with their past resurfacing….

Alexis was the girl next door, a dancer who decided to give back what she learned. She never would have guessed that one night of celebrating could bring upon a chain of events from unwanted attention. She wasn’t interested in Sean Edwards, but that didn’t seem to stop him. His relentless pursuing of her has cost her much more than any young woman should ever know. When he disappears after tragedy, she tries to move on, slowly putting the pieces of her life back together. She meets Zavier, and things are normal. For once, she isn’t looking over her shoulder anymore, but taking that guard down has a catastrophic meaning. When Sean resurfaces, he stops at nothing to get the woman he loves. He doesn’t care who he has to remove to get her next to him. Meanwhile, Alexis feels enough is enough and decides to stand on her love. But will that stand do more damage than good, when the ultimate sacrifice can possibly mean losing more than her heart can take….

Zavier dedicated the first part of his life to the special services, so being hard has always worked for him, until he meets Alexis. With a new career and Alexis in his life, he is moving into a new direction and things are going good. That is, until he is reminded of the one thing he has tried to put completely behind him but is forced to now face.

Now, Zavier is struggling with his old demons and a secret he never saw coming, as he is placed in the middle of Alexis’s past she never told him about. Will he be able to handle it all, or will he get taken down in a way he never saw coming?

What He Wanted takes you into the unbalanced world of a stalker’s unrequited desires, his unwanted advances, and the consequences of what he wants. As he sets in motion his plan to get what he wants, he turns Alexis and Zavier’s lives upside down and it takes its toll on everyone involved, including the stalker himself.















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