What You Won't Do For Love


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After years of being away from each other, Skylar and her longtime boyfriend Arman decided to give their relationship another try. Arman loves Skylar to death, but he can’t seem to stay faithful no matter how hard he tries. Skylar has never been a fool for a man and she’s refusing to start now. Never being the kind of woman to sit at home waiting for her man to do right, she instead gives Arman a dose of his own medicine. A series of unfortunate events take place as a result of their infidelities and things quickly go from bad to worse. Will Skylar and Arman’s love stand the many curveballs that are thrown their way or will they count their losses and move on? Some say to never say never, but Skylar feels otherwise. She knows what she won’t do for love and that’s settle for less the what she feels that she deserves.











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