You Should Let Me Love You


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Past heartbreaks and failed love has hardened Candace’s fearful heart. David, her current love interest, wants all of her including her broken heart. David won’t settle for anything less. Being with one woman is new for him, but he feels that Candace is worth it. Dwight has a few skeletons in his closet, but he’s unsure of how he should come clean about them.
Co-Co is unpredictable and there’s no telling how he’ll react to his news. Co-Co must decide if the risk of pushing away his only living parent is worth losing his one true love. To complicate matters, Dwight’s cousin Yasmine not only moves in with him, but she also moves in on everyone’s turf, especially the Roberts brothers. With drama, deceit and desperation all around, will Candace and David’s love survive the many obstacles that are thrown their way or will one or both of them succumb to temptation? Find out as we catch up with the gang from the bestselling “You’re My Little Secret” series.











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