You're Not Worth My Tears


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This is a Spinoff/Continuation from previous books. To get a clear understanding of this book and its characters, please read You’re My Little Secret Parts 1-3, You Should Let Me Love You and Cheating The Future For The Past Parts 1-3.

Being the youngest sibling and only girl, Ashanti is familiar with men and all the games they play. Still, that didn’t stop her from falling head over heels in love with the father of her unborn child. Brian claimed to love her just as much, but his actions didn’t always show it. His pride and trust issues were always in the way of their union and he was having a hard time letting go. The same could be said for Brian’s ex, Mya, who couldn’t seem to let go of him. Having aborted a baby that she desperately wanted, Mya was deeply infatuated with Brian. It pained her to see another woman walking in shoes that were meant for her feet. Will Mya allow Brian to live happily ever after, while she walks around in agony?

Caleb is in a relationship that he no longer wants to be in. When the truth is revealed about his live-in girlfriend, Caleb was all too eager to pack up and move along. A chance encounter with a not so friendly face had Caleb ready to settle down and give the commitment that he’s never wanted to give to anyone else. Will Caleb’s own problems stop him from finding his soul mate?

Happiness is an emotion to some, but to Royce Davenport, it was nothing more than a word. On the surface, she and her husband Jaxon appeared to be perfect. With Jax having an addiction that was beyond either of their control, that was the furthest thing from the truth. After learning of some of her husband’s shady behavior, Royce was ready to throw in the towel on him and her marriage. When a confrontation gone awry puts her in the path of another man, Royce begins to question everything that she was ever taught. She was ready to finally live and be happy instead of crying herself to sleep at night. After all, no man, including her husband was worth her tears.











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