Everything for Her (For Her #1)Everything for Her (For Her #1) by Alexa Riley
on December 27th 2016
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USA TODAY bestselling author Alexa Riley's first full-length novel shows just what happens when a strong, possessive man finds the woman of his dreams

Mallory Sullivan…. smart, sexy, innocent, and naive is ready to start a new chapter in her life. She graduated at the top of her class and was chosen as an intern at Osbourne Corp. After growing up in foster care, her dreams are finally taking shape and she is not letting her hard work go unnoticed. She meets a stranger in a bar and unbeknownst to her, life as she knows will be flipped and turned upside down. A friend becomes a stranger, a lover becomes a betrayer, everything is not what it seems. Taking a chance and being the opposite of who she has always been has turned out to be a big mistake!

Miles Osbourne…. Alpha, billionaire, successful, obsessive, certified lunatic. Everything about him is sexy and any female would beg him to take her, but, there’s only one female he wants. He knew from the moment he saw her, that he had to have her. She was too young at the time, but, he would set into motion, a plan to make sure that she would be is. However, playing with fate has its consequences.

The Good:
This book was very well written and it kept me on my toes. I could not have guessed at any of the twists and turns. Also, the multiple epilogues were refreshing and didn’t leave me wondering what happened with the main characters after the book ended.
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The Bad:
Deliciously bad, but, oh so good! I was tortured, wrecked, and emotionally spent in a good way. This book had me on the border of insanity! This is a good thing and exactly what I want from a book.
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The Ugly:
I’m not sure about what’s going to happen in the second book, but, I was left with some questions about a sub character and it annoyed me!
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Worth the Read?
Overall, this book was a great read. Have you ever read a book that you wanted to keep reading, but, throw it in the fire and watch it burn? This is that book! Miles literally drove me crazy. I had the audio version and I yelled, cussed, and fussed at him. At the same time, I wanted more. This read captivated and devoured me. I became obsessed with wanting to know what would happen next. When the plot twists came into play, I felt every emotion that Mallory felt. If you want to escape to a world where you love to hate the Alpha Male, then this is the book for you. Solid 5 Star Read!!!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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