Rick or Pete by James Crow"RICK or PETE!?" by James Crow
on October 31, 2018
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Rick and Pete are cousins that don’t hide their love for sex! Young, carefree, and uninhibited. They are on a quest to have the two besties who live across from them. Although they’ve been told no, they are relentless in their pursuit.

Julia and Patty are BFFs who love life and love having fun, but, they are picky about who they give up the goods to. They decide to hangout with the guys during the Halloween weekend. The guys are determined to have some naughty fun and when they find out Julia’s secret to getting down and dirty, their mission is to make this a night that they all remember.

The Good:
This was a short fun read, full of adventure and the hottest clown sex I’ve ever read…well…it’s the first time ever reading about kinky clowns. Lol!
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The Bad:
These four were good at being bad. When they finally decided to do the deed in the woods…so, so effing bad!
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The Ugly:
I hate clowns, but, this was a good spin that definitely showed them in a different light.
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Worth the Read?
As always James Crow takes you on an unimaginable adventure of abandoned kink! This short read was fun, erotic, with a side of scary. Everyone wants a unique adventure on Halloween. To expect the unexpected, getting the shit scared out of them, and have some all around fun. I was caught up from the beginning and laughed throughout. Wowed at some parts and turned on in the next moment. I love a story that makes me feel different emotions and James Crow never disappoints me. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Another… Solid 5 Stars!!!


Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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