Rise of the Fallen: All the King’s Men Book 1Rise of the Fallen: A Dark Paranormal Romance by Donya Lynne
Series: All the King's Men #1
on March 23, 2012
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Samantha Garrett is literally running for her life. Her ex is certifiably crazy and thinks that he can control her every move. She ran and has no intention of looking back. She makes a new life for herself in another state and she is determined to live the life that she knows she deserves.  Little does she know that this will change in the blink of an eye. She not only will live the life that she deserves, but, she will live it…forever.

Micah Black just wants to die! When the love of his life…or so he thought…leaves him, he is torn into a million pieces. Feeling as if he is lost and ready to end it all, he knowingly enlists the help of a dark force to kill him and end his suffering. When he awakens and encounters Sam, he knows she is his true mate and will fight to keep her safe.

The Good:
This story was “easy”. It flowed well and I loved the chemistry between the two main characters.

The Bad:
I couldn’t find anything bad about this read. There were some moments that I felt could’ve been different.

The Ugly:
The enemy. Very ruthless and conniving.

Worth the Read?
I love vampire reads and this story was pretty good. Action, adventure, drama, and suspense. The husband was very condescending, and I really hoped that when he was dealt with, it was more “punishing”. Micah is sometimes over the top in his treatment of others, but his anger is justified. The calm that came over him when he found his mate was heartwarming.

There could’ve been more character development and more focus on the setting of the story. The narrator was ok, but the story lacked life because of the narration. The potential is there, however some of the situations in the story could’ve been better and they needed more oomph.  Overall this story was good. 3 ½ Star Read!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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