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Roman: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel Book #7Roman: Cold Fury Hockey #7 by Sawyer Bennett
Published by Loveswept on February 21, 2017
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Lexi Robertson wants to connect with the family she never knew she had until her mother made a deathbed confession. She learned everything she could about them. Brian and Gray Brannon are the CEO and General Manager of the Carolina Cold Fury hockey team. A Father and daughter power house who have always had just each other. Lexi visits Brian’s office to let him know that he is her father and is willing to take a DNA test to prove it. What she didn’t plan for was meeting and having an instant attraction to Roman Sykora…

Roman Sykora a defenseman for the Carolina Cold Fury who spends more time in the penalty box than any other player in the league. He is ruthless on the ice and is the best of the best.  He is famous not only on the ice, but, also in the tabloids. He is known for keeping the scandals alive for his reckless behavior with the ladies. He sees Lexi and he is instantly infatuated. He wants her and she makes him feel different. He knows she’s not a one stand type of girl and for a change, he likes that. He wants something more and Lexi is just the woman who can give that to him.

The Good:
This read was solid from the beginning. Sawyer left no stone unturned. It was refreshingly complete.
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The Bad:
I understood Gray’s hesitation to believe Roman was changing, but, she was annoying at times.
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The Ugly:
I did not want this to end. I could’ve read about Roman and Lexi forever!
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Worth the Read?
I have loved the entire Cold Fury Hockey series, but, this one was different. This was personal and intimate. The emotional rollercoaster of having a love child and then Brian finding love while getting to know his daughter. Having this side story implemented with the main characters was genius! Showing how Gray had to be the rational one when it came to believing that Lexi was her sister was so believable and heart wrenching. I enjoyed listening to read. The Czech accent was hot as hell!! Solid 5 Stars!!

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Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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