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September Author of the Month: Sienna Grant

by Sienna Grant

My September Author of the Month is a Rising Star!

Her name is Sienna Grant and her new release, The Fight of My Life is receiving rave reviews. Her writing style will touch you, move you, and capture your heart. My personal favorite, Soulmates is just another example of how much this Author is in touch with her readers. Soulmates #2 is set to release on 9/29/17. I had an opportunity to ask her a few questions and get the inside scoop on what makes this amazing author tick. I give you Sienna Grant!

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Sienna Grant is a 40-year-old British romance writer from the West Midland’s that decided to step into the world of writing a year ago and has since never looked back.

When she’s not writing, she’s a wife and mother to three children, two of which, are grown up.

She also loves to read most kinds of romance but always with a hint of realism.

The Interview

When did you realize that writing was something you are passionate about?

I used to write stories as a kid but never thought of it. It wasn’t really until reading just wasn’t satisfying me totally, though I love to read it was then I knew I needed more.

Are there any real-life situations that you draw inspiration from?

All the time, there’s always a person or a situation

Who are some of your favorite authors?

JEM, Harper Sloane, but, I’ll be honest I love to read new authors.

What are some of your hobbies outside of writing?

I don’t have many, a nice chill day reading would be nice 🙂

Which is more important, character development or plot? And why?

Plot is always important but I think character development is more so you can relate and get to know that character.

What are you currently working on?

Oooohhhh well I’ve got two releases in September, but, I’ve got a new book I’ve started, which will be about a single dad raising his 4-year-old daughter, it’s a sad one.

What do you feel is the hardest thing about writing or more importantly writing a great story?

The hardest thing, hmmm. Keeping it flowing but having an honest team around you. Every one of my betas and my PA are totally honest with me.

Can you share the importance of reviews and social media?

The reviews are very important, if one person leaves a review and someone reads it then that review did its job.

Do you believe a book cover plays a part in the purchasing of a book or is it the synopsis that grab readers?

I love covers and yes, I think it’s a pivotal part. If someone likes the cover I believe it makes them want to see what it’s about.

What do you want readers to take away from your work?


What motto do you live by?

I don’t really have mottos but I suppose if you don’t try, you fail or succeed.

Lastly, what personal message do you have for your fans?

Thank you for taking the time to take a chance on me and my work. There’s much better authors out there than me, so every time a reader one clicks because they like the look of a book, it warms my heart totally. So. thank you from the bottom of my heart xx

See my 5-star review for Soulmates

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Upcoming New Release on 9/29/17
Infinity: Soulmates #2

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