SoulmatesSoulmates by Sienna Grant
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on February 3, 2017
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Taylor Kerr, a young graphic designer working her way up the corporate ladder. She has a past that she would like to forget and she does that by having a “friends with benefits” relationship with a great guy. She knows he wants more, but, she can’t give herself to him or risk her heart being broken. Her past has defined who she is and she is not seeing a path to a life of happiness with anyone, so why should she give in to the feelings she has for Chris and let go of the past?

Chris Willows, firefighter, friend, and so in love with Taylor that it hurts! He has tried before and has gotten rejected. He doesn’t know how much more he can take. He wants her and he wants much more than a sexual encounter. He wants to show her how much he loves her; how much he wants to protect her. He has no clue that the demons she fights will not allow her to let go and give him the love he deserves.

The Good:
Let me start by saying I absolutely loved this read. It had everything that I love and surprisingly I felt personally connected to what was happening with Taylor. It was so tangible that I cried. It tore at my heart in a way that no other book has.
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The Bad:
The only thing bad was the situation that was happening.
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The Ugly:
Taylor’s Mom was such a wretched bitch! Despite what was going on with her, she still managed to ruin any hope that Taylor could have held onto to heal from her past. I was hesitant to feel any remorse for her.
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Worth the Read?
I have read several books in my life, but, never have I felt so close and drawn in. Because of my own personal struggle, this read resonated with me in a way that I was rendered speechless. Taylor’s anger was so real. Her meltdown, her struggle to love and give her heart to Chris made this a hard yet pleasant experience. It had me question my own way of dealing with my situation. I cried during some of the scenes. In addition to being such a great read, it was HOT!!! The chemistry between Chris and Taylor was electric. It was so real and not so much fantasy. It wasn’t impossible, it was doable, it was erotic, and it was perfect. Chris gave her everything she needed. He showed her that she could trust him and let go. That he was not going anywhere and in for the long haul. Absolutely brilliant writing. Solid 5 Stars!!


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