Stranger: Book 1 **Re-edited, Re-released**

Stranger: Book 1 **Re-edited, Re-released**by N.M. Catalano

***Voted #1 Fictional Boyfriend***
This is what the readers have said:

"I believe it to be better than 'Fifty Shades of Grey' in the way the book has been written!" Alexia

"Warning! This book is SERIOUSLY HOT! One of the best erotic series I have ever read." Radical Reads Book Blog

"You feel like you are in the middle of the story. I can visualize every detail she described as though I felt it myself. Yes, it was THAT good!" Holly

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“Look out Christian Gray….make room for Marco! Marco made me pant, clench, flush, and swoon so many times it was crazy. N.M. Catalano has brought eroticism (noun) the quality of being erotic, sexual desire or excitement! I definitely can’t wait for the next book!” Lynette

I couldn’t resist submitting to him. I still can’t, no matter the cost.
I thought I was fine, I thought my life was ok. Until I met him. One night of erotic abandon blew open the door to the prison of my life and there was no way I wanted to lock it back up. I couldn’t, not when he kept coming back. But I knew there would be a price to pay. There always is, I had been warned. The past always comes back to haunt you especially when it promised it would.

Your body is my playground and I want to play.
Life is good. I have control, I like having control. Until I met her. I thought that one night of her deliciousness would be enough to satisfy me. I was wrong. I wanted more, there was something about her, she was different. And now I was losing control, there was no way in hell I was going to lose. *Intended to be read as a stand-alone, first in a series, there are no cliffhangers. *Disclaimer: explicit sex scenes, intended for mature audiences. Be prepared to sweat and your heart rate to accelerate.


“From the minute I saw you,” Marco whispers into my ear, “I wanted to feel you,” kiss, “smell you,” nibble, “taste you,” lick.

He shifts his body down, sliding his hand over the curve of my ass with a finger trailing between the cheeks until it reaches the hem of my skirt.

“Elizabeth, first I’m going to make you come with my fingers, feeling that beautiful pussy of yours grasping hard, trying to pull me all the way inside you,” he murmurs between nips and licks on my neck and jaw. I’m panting as my fingers claw at his back through his shirt. His fingertips graze the outline of the top of my stocking before continuing their journey up the inside of my thigh. I separate my legs slightly, begging for the contact I need. A light trace along the edge of my panties finally comes to caress the wet lips that wait eagerly below the fabric, making me tremble. I breathe a grateful heavy breath at the needed taunting contact.

“Then I’m going to lay this beautiful body down on that table and I’m going to feast on you until every drop of those sweet juices are mine.”

Marco begins to back me up until the backs of my legs hit the coffee table.

“When I think you’re finally ready, I’m going to take you to bed and slide my aching cock inside those velvet lips and fuck you.”

Dear God, yes!


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