The Summer of Consent: An Erotic NovelThe Summer of Consent: An Erotic Novel: The Complete Virgin Erotica Tale Parts 1-3 by Jayne Marlowe
Published by Moonchild Press on July 18, 2017
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Gloria Goodman is a young woman who has seen things in her short 18 years that made her grow up fast. She is determined not to be a statistic just because she grew up in foster care and was abused. She almost failed one of her classes because of everything that was going on. She wants to go to college, but, she needs some extra money for expenses. She decides to take a summer job working for a teacher who she feels doesn’t like her. Things are a little tense in the beginning, however, she begins to see Mr. Larsen in a different light.

Nate Larsen is the single, sexy biology teacher that is every young girl’s dream. He needs a summer intern and the girl he wanted is leaving the country for vacation. She recommends Gloria, one of her best friends, for the job. He is hesitant, but, agrees. The only thing he knows about Gloria is that she almost failed his class. When he learns the truth about her situation, he takes a closer look at who she is and as time goes on he sees how smart she is, how intelligent she is…. how sexy she is….

The Good:
Everything about this read was good. The relationship between these characters had two components that are frowned upon in society. That made for a great story that was gripping and downright sexy.
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The Bad:
There was nothing bad about this book. It had all of the makings of a great read.
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The Ugly:
There’s always that dreaded wrench thrown to mess up a good thing. The villain in the story was not over the top, but, she was a menace and a condescending bitch!
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Worth the Read?
What do you do when you encounter forbidden fruit that is so sweet, so innocent, so delectable that you are consumed by its very essence? You dive in and embrace it for what it is. Gloria is not experienced, but, she has desires. Nate is very experienced, so he is surprised at his attraction to Gloria. They are fire together. They are a force that can’t get enough of each other. Tasting, exploring, discovering… that is what these two are. One person can tear the whole thing down. She is jealous and manipulative. She is willing to ruin lives to get what she wants and if she can’t have him, she will try to make sure Gloria doesn’t either.

Kudos to Jayne for delving into the murky waters of interracial relationships and coming out unscathed. This was brilliant writing! A walk on the wild side that is so good, that you want to stay there. Forbidden love at its best. Tasteful perfection that will leave you wanting for more. Even without a cliffhanger, I want more!Solid 5 Stars!!

Arthetta Rodgers

Arthetta Rodgers

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