Things Women Do That Are Sexy And Attracts Mr Right

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with placing value on your looks and appearance. Physical attraction is important in the start of any relationship, but if it is the only glue bonding you two together, then it will weaken and break quickly. The flame may… Things Women Do That Are Sexy And Attracts Mr Right

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This article speaks volumes! A relationship can’t survive on physical attraction alone. It is important to establish what you’re looking for in the beginning. Looks fade, so you have to ask yourself if the person you are attracted to has the ability to sustain your attraction past physical traits. If you aren’t looking for anything other than a physical hook up, it is important to establish that boundary from the start.

When a woman exudes confidence, passion, and ambition, her natural sexiness comes through. It’s not necessarily all in the looks because as I said, looks fade. Society leads us to believe that beauty is dependent on size, height, hair, etc. However, men have different tastes. Some men do love a petite woman, but, there are several men who prefer a more curvaceous woman, one who is not so small. If she carries herself with bold, unwavering confidence, a woman can attract whomever she pleases.

Intelligence and kindness are great traits to have as well. The ability to carry on a conversation in social circles is very attractive. The way you treat others shows who you are at your core. Kindness is not a sign of weakness, but, a sign of strength. These traits make a man think of a more long term commitment and how things will be if he wants to take the relationship to the next level. On the flip side, don’t exude intelligence so much that you can’t relax and be silly and have fun when you’re spending time alone. Men enjoy the ability to tease you and poke fun. It’s all part of finding balance in your relationship.

Bottom line, the way you carry yourself and the vibe you put out is what helps attract the right person.

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